Ioliet edelsteen hanger ruw
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Iolite gemstone pendant rough

Gemstone pendant Iolite rough

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Gemstone pendant Iolite rough

Iolite stimulates memory and helps you open up to inner images (visions). Iolite activates your creativity and artistry, Iolite strengthens the blood circulation and has a positive effect on breathing and cavities. It strengthens your sense of independence and promotes equality in relationships. He gives you insight and knowledge in the spiritual field and puts you in your own strength.

Iolite is good for sleeping problems and has a healing effect on the eyes. It helps to overcome addictions, Iolite lowers fever and kills bacteria, The stone has a beneficial effect on malaria, migraine. Iolite reduces the feeling of nausea (vomiting) and helps against heartburn. Iolite helps against fluid retention, varicose veins and high blood pressure. It reduces anxiety and depression. Can help with intestinal and / or stomach problems.

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