Jaspis oceaan schedel 85 mm
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Jasper ocean skull 85 mm

Crystal skull (skull) of approx. 85 mm in Jasper ocea

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Crystal skull of approx. 85 mm in Jasper ocean

Jasper ocean supports the regeneration of organs and body tissue. He brings the glandular system back into balance. Ocean Jasper stabilizes adrenal and thyroid function. It brings peace and has a calming effect, which gives a feeling of freedom. Ocean Jasper lets you experience and appreciate the beauty and positivity of life. Ocean Jasper has a positive effect on the endocrine system and digestion.

Jasper Ocean helps against self-destructive behaviors such as addiction. He protects you from complacency and the habit of taking everything for granted. The stone has a relaxing effect and is good for stress, depression, fears, worries and all kinds of negative thoughts about yourself and the world.

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