Jaspis polychroom edelsteen hanger
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Jasper polychrome gemstone pendant

Gemstone pendant Jasper polychrome

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Gemstone pendant Jasper polychrome

Jasper strengthens vitality, emotional balance, personal integrity and joie de vivre. It supports the kundalini channel through which all chakras are activated and cleansed, when this happens it feels like a huge boost to your body and mind. Jasper activates your sexuality and creativity.The stone can improve your memory, especially of dreams or other inner experiences.

Jasper gives you more vitality and stamina. Your resistance and vitality will increase. Jasper gives you a down-to-earth view of life which entails sincerity and honesty. The stone strengthens the appetite and stimulates digestion. Jasper is good for both the blood vessels and the respiratory system.

Jasper restores muscles and nerves after, for example, intensive sports. Has a beneficial effect on the liver and detoxifies the blood. Jasper removes blockages in the bile duct and helps to drain gallstones. Jasper helps against pregnancy breakouts and helps against impotence (caused by trauma), stress, exhaustion, menstrual problems. The stone has a beneficial effect on hemorrhoids, thyroid, stomach, intestine and / or liver complaints, kidney ailments and heartburn.

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