At De Goudsbloem you will find a very extensive range of gemstone jewelery

Jewelry divided into the following main groups:

- Gemstone bracelets
- Bracelets in silver with gemstone
- Gemstone necklaces
- Necklaces in silver with gemstone
- Gemstone pendants
- Pendants in silver with gemstone
- Gemstone earrings
- Ear studs in silver with gemstone
- Gemstone earrings
- Earrings in silver with gemstone
- Gemstone rings
- Rings in silver with gemstone

How gemstones work
The first close contact with minerals took place in the Old Stone Age and it was discovered that among the large amount of stones available to him were some species suitable for making tools (500,000 years ago). It started with flints and the first metals people came to know were copper and gold.

As old as the skill in tool making is, the human needs also seem to be flaunting jewelry. For example, pierced flint fragments as pendants (amulets) are already known from the Stone Age (about 15,000 years ago).

The most important peoples of antiquity, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, knew a great number of metals, their useful ores, as well as many kinds of precious stones. The first descriptions of minerals date from that time. It also attributed the magical and healing effects to numerous minerals. For example, we know that the ancient Greeks used rock crystal as an amulet or pulverized it and took it as a remedy for drunkenness. The green serpentine was used in the Middle Ages as a remedy for snakebites.

Gemstones and minerals have attracted people for thousands of years because of their magical beauty, variety of crystal shapes, color brilliance and radiance.

In alternative medicine, minerals are used as medicinal or healing stone. Due to their appearance, composition, color and vibrations, they often work in a special way on the body, soul and spirit of the human being. Each type of stone has its unique strength and electromagnetic field. As a result, they interact with their environment.

Many people feel that gemstones and minerals have a radiance, other people experience through their intuition or their inner eye that gemstones have a certain effect. Gemstones have their own vibrational number. Sensitive people can pick up these vibrations.

Choosing the right stone
There are of course no fixed rules for this. You can get it as a gift or it is recommended to you. Or you have a certain problem that you want to find a healing stone for. But you can also intuitively select a gemstone/mineral. Sometimes you are just attracted to a mineral. It is then as if the stone has chosen you. There are a few tools for picking out a gem/mineral.

There are actually 4 ways to pick out your gemstone.

On intuition.
Gemstones and crystals radiate a vibration (frequency). You can feel the gems without any effort. Because you feel and see what kind of stone you need. Just take your time for this. And if it doesn't feel right, take another. Children take it so easily and seem to have no problem with it and are confident that they have chosen the right gemstone.

On sight.
It is possible that your eye is drawn to a certain gemstone or crystal. You can then just take it. You may feel something. A vibration or sensation of heat or cold. Again, does it feel good? Beautiful! Not good? Then choose another.

On intuition.
You may be standing in a store and feeling attracted to a particular stone. You could go back and forth with your hands above it and feel what the gem or crystal is doing to you. You take the stone that you think is hurting you and take it in your hand. Then make a decision. Does it feel good? Beautiful! Not good? Then take another.

On Information.
There is a lot of information about how stones work and their magical properties. By reading certain symptoms and/or syndromes, you might decide to choose a certain gemstone or crystal that has a healing effect with this symptom or illness. There are also reinforcing gems, for example strengthening confidence. Again, does it feel good? Beautiful! Not good? Then take another.

It is and remains important to always use medical help where it is needed and although we try to share essential information on this site that greatly improves everyone's health
might benefit, yet it is not intended to encourage anyone to exclude medical aid. On the contrary! In case of complaints, always seek help from your doctor first!

Wind rose bracelet Aventurine green
Lava stone beaded bracelet with 8 mm beads. This bracelet is 19 cm long and is strung on elastic. The bracelet has 4 Aventurine green beads, which form a kind of wind rose. A wind rose indicates the cardinal directions: north, east, south and west. The Lava stone bracelet weighs 17 grams.
Windroos armband Jade wit
Lavasteen kralenarmband met kralen van 8 mm. Deze armband is 19 cm lang en is geregen op elastiek.
Labradoriet zilveren hanger mix stenen
Mix edelsteen hanger met Labradoriet. Let op! De prijs is per stuk. Je kunt in het opmerkingenveld laten weten welke hanger je graag wilt ontvangen.
Labradoriet hanger markies nr.2
Last items in stock
Mooie kwaliteit Labradoriet hanger. De ovale hanger is ca. 4,5 x 2,3 x 1,1 cm en weegt 15,2 gram.
Tijgeroog zilveren hanger mix stenen
Last items in stock
Mix edelsteen hanger met Tijgeroog. Let op! De prijs is per stuk. Je kunt in het opmerkingenveld laten weten welke hanger je graag wilt ontvangen.
Maansteen regenboog zilveren hanger mix stenen
Last items in stock
Mix edelstenen hanger met Maansteen regenboog. Let op! De prijs is per stuk. Je kunt in het opmerkingenveld laten weten welke hanger je graag wilt ontvangen.
Zirkoon edelsteenhanger
Zirkoon edelsteenhanger van ca. 2 cm lang, gemeten zonder het verzilverde kapje.
Alabaster edelsteenhanger
Edelsteenhanger van Calciet Alabaster. De Alabaster Calciet hanger is ca. 2 cm lang, gemeten zonder kapje.