Lapis Lazuli split bracelet
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Lapis Lazuli split bracelet

Split bracelet Lapis Lazuli, split stones of approx. 5 to 10 mm.

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Split bracelet Lapis Lazuli, split stones of approx. 5 to 10 mm.

How Lapis Lazuli works

Lapis Lazuli helps you reveal your true nature. The stone takes the mask off you and gives you the courage to be yourself. You express yourself as you are and you speak your own truth. It is a stone that stimulates good relationships and friendships and has a calming effect. The stone brings inner wisdom, and during meditations Lapis Lazuli can put you in touch with the Akashic Chronicles. Lapis Lazuli makes you optimistic, confident and focused. Physically, the stone has a strong effect on the throat, mouth, voice and lungs, such as laryngitis or bronchitis. It can also provide relief for broken bones and bruises. Lapis Lazuli can help with stress-related complaints and Lapis Lazuli can help with nervous complaints, such as headaches or high blood pressure. The stone also has anti-inflammatory properties, and the stone can prevent skin rashes. People with MS can benefit from Lapis Lazuli, the stone aids in the healing of nerves and nerve endings.

Lapis Lazuli promotes creativity, objectivity, optimism. He makes honest and sincere and helps you to communicate in a truthful way. Lapis Lazuli stimulates visualization and clairvoyance which helps you to gain insight into past lives. This can solve karmic problems.


It is and remains important to always use medical help where it is needed. While we try to share vital information in this site that could greatly benefit everyone's health, it is not intended to encourage anyone to exclude medical attention. On the contrary! In case of complaints, always seek help from your doctor first!

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Does this Lapis Lazuli split bracelet fit perfectly with your outfit or do you need the creativity and objectivity that the Lapis Lazuli has to offer? Order the bracelet directly online and experience for yourself how the power of the stone offers you extra support.


Heart Chakra (4th), Throat Chakra (5th), Third Eye Chakra (6th) and Crown Chakra (7th)

Zodiac sign

Virgo and Sagittarius


It is better not to clean lapis lazuli with water.

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