Lavender products

Lavender products

Lavender eye and neck pillows, lavender scented bags, lavender essential oil, lavender tea lights, lavender soap, lavender shampoo, lavender shower, lavender incense.

Buying lavender scent products

Lavender is mainly cultivated for its lavender oil. The lavender oil is used primarily in cosmetics such as soaps, perfumes, bath and shower, shampoo, etc.
The essential oil is used in armotherapy. The dried lavender leaves can be put in linen bags for a pleasant scent in the wardrobe.

Lavender has a calming and relaxing effect.

Sagrada Madre Premium Smudge Bomb Olibanum & Lavender 2 packs
Sagrada Madre premium smudge bombs olibanum and lavender, known for their purifying and relaxing qualities.Handmade in Argentina from natural olibanum resin, Lavender, pine wood and salt. Glued together with a plant-based binder.Each pack contains 8 bombs that burn app. 8 minutes each, and smolder for another 10 to 15 minutes.
Sagrada Madre Palo Santo incense with Lavender 3 packs
Sagrada Madre Palo Santo incense is 100% unique natural incense, handmade in Argentina. Made from Palo Santo and Lavender, with its refreshing and relaxing scent.Glued together with a plant-based binder.Each pack contains 8 sticks that burn app. 60 minutes.
Native spirits incense shaman lavender packs
Shaman - VisionThe Shaman is a Spiritual Healer. He or she can connect to the higher worlds and communicate with the protective Spirits. Seek a Shaman's help and vision when you need blessings to heal your body, mind and soul.
Lavender backflow incense cones
Incense cones for backflow incense burners. Via the air holes, the smoke flows down like a waterfall and creates a beautiful serene effect.
Masala Incense Lavender 12 pieces
These hand-rolled masala incense sticks are carefully prepared with natural wood powder and herbal essential oil extracts, to enable a truly enriching experience.
Neck pillow lavender organic violet
A lavender neck pillow is an easy, and highly effective way to relax and enjoy the wonderful benefits of lavender aromatherapy. Simply wrap the neck pillow oaround your neck, breathe in, relax and enjoy the calming effects of lavender. Stress relief couldn't be any easier!They are also helpful for headache and muscle relief. Flaxseed gives pliability to the neck pillow.Our neck pillow wrapped around your neck gives a deep relaxation from neck and shoulders.Relaxing the eyes with an eye pillow also causes eyebrows, cheekbones, temples to relax.Try both together for a total relaxation.
Postcard pillow filled with lavender
Postcard pillows, great aromatherapy gifts for those people in your life that need to take it easy and relax once in a while.
Fair Trade T-lights stearin lavender scented
You will love our fair trade and sustainable stearin candles. Creating a relaxing atmosphere for yourself and others. A gift of 5 hours abiding in a peaceful candlelight environment, with your favourite fragrance. Enjoy your candle!Fragrance: Lavender
On sale!-12.5%
Fragrance sachet French lavender 12 pieces
Price per piece : 1,925 €
This pretty potpourri sachet has a hanger so it can be hung on doors as a room fragrance or in a wardrobe.
Lavender incense herbal 30 ml 5 pieces
Price per piece : 2,80 €
Pure natural herbal incense for burning in a refractory dish with charcoal or on a special sieve burner. Can be used for various purification rituals.
Incense Marco Polo's Treasures Lavender 2 pieces
Handmade 100% natural incense Lavender. Made in accordance with traditional Vedic recipes. Incense sticks have since long been used for prayer, yoga, meditation, purification and religious rituals of every kind and in every place.
On sale!-10%
Incense Morning Star Lavender 12 pieces
Price per piece : 3,51 €Morning Star has been a Japanese incense bestseller since the 1960s, and is one of the most popular incenses for everyday use.
Le Chatelard 1802 Room spray Lavender 50 ml
Le Chatelard 1802 room sprays are a natural and stylish way to enrich your home with a delightful smell. In your living room, bedroom, or in the bathroom, each room brightens up with these refreshing scents.
Le Chatelard 1802 Lavandin flowers in transparent cellophane bag 100 g
Lavandin (lavandula intermedia) is hybrid between lavandula vera and aspic lavender. Its larger flowers are exceedingly more productive and its essential oil is mainly used for the more traditional purposes (sachets, etc…), becasue of its penetrating camphor scent.