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Le Chatelard 1802

Buying Le Chatelard 1802

Here, at our company Le Chatelard 1802 Savonnerie in Provence, we only produce natural soap and other products for you.
We use traditional Savon Marseille recipes. We guarantee the highest quality standard and no parabens are added. We only use vegetable oils and delicate perfumes. A selection of our natural soaps are enriched with Aloe Vera, Royal Jelly and Shea Butter, delicately perfumed with flowers, fruit, etc.

Handmade soap
All our soap is made in our workshop in St Auban sur Ouvèze in Provence, France.
Because our soaps are pH neutral, the skin does not dry out when used. Exactly what is needed for responsible and natural care, hydration and wonderful perfuming that makes your skin feel soft.

Ingredients generally
72% Vegetable oil, 99% natural ingredients.

pH neutral

None: Parabens, preservatives, anti-oxidants, glycol ether, petrochemical derivatives or PEG (polyethylene glycol) added.

Packaging 100% recyclable, not tested on animals.
Only vegetable oils, natural mineral dyes, petals.

History of Le Chatelard 1802

The history of Le Chatelard starts in the year 1802. The name Le Chatelard comes from the name of a little hill, which is home to a “small church”, and is now the place where the farm stands. The Montaud farming family harvested wild lavender in those first years, which grows naturally on the mountains, and produced essential oils from it. The real change began in the late 1990's, when the strategy of the company was transformed, not only to deliver the raw material, but also the finished products. The idea was simple and reasonable: with all their history, all of the experience of two centuries and dedicated hard work, their love of lavender and knowing everything there is to know about this beautiful plant, why not make the finished products and express all the love and passion in those products.

Le Chatelard 1802 Natural Marseille soap Apricot exfoliating 3 pieces
Palm oil free square soap with the sweet aroma of apricot and real oganic apricot kernel powder that makes it gently exfoliating. The Apricot Exofoliating soap contains vegetable glycerine and is enriched with sweet almond oil, source of softness and hydration.