Magnetiet trommelstenen (mt3)
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Magnetite tumbled stones mt3, per gram

Tumbled stones Magnetite, the price is per gram.

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Tumbled stones Magnetite, the price is per gram

Magnetite stimulates, regulates and activates. The stone has a positive effect on the liver, bile production, glandular activity, blood circulation and bone marrow. Magnetite supports the production and function of red blood cells. It brings harmony and gives you life force (chi) and promotes your responsiveness.

Magnetite slows down negative emotions such as fear, anger and sadness. Helps well against sports injuries, such as tennis elbow, cramps or muscle pain. Magnetite reduces fever and reduces complaints of asthma, neck pain, back pain and lumbago. It counteracts anemia and helps to keep blocked parts of the meridians flowing.

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