Masala and ayurvedic incense

Masala and ayurvedic incense

Choose from Goloka incense, Ayurvedic and Masala Ayurvedic incense.

Ayurvedic incense sticks are a blessing for body and soul.

Buying Ayurvedic and Masala incense

Goloka incense

Goloka Seva Trust is a non-profit organization from Bangalore, India. They support charities. They work for disadvantaged children, educate women, support unmediated students and provide work for the less fortunate.

Masala Ayurvedic incense

The Masala Ayurvedic incense are first-class incense sticks. They are unique mixtures of herbs, blossoms, honey, resins and essential oils. The Masala incense is free of toxic substances.

All our Ayurvedic incense sticks are a blessing for body and soul.

Enjoy this pure incense!

Incense Goloka Chandan 12 pieces
Goloka chandan masala incense sticks are prepared using sandal oil & special sandal powder and offers cooling and mild sandal fragrance.
Incense Ayurvedic Masala Agarwood premium! 12 pieces
Natural Ayurvedic Masala Incense, with a unique blend of herbs, flowers, honey, resins & oils. Offers refreshing and soothing scents, that lift your spirit beyond the realms of your dreams.