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Various models are available. The ergonomic model provides more comfort, because the seat is vaulted; these meditation benches do not need cushions. Foldable models can easily be transported; matching bags and cushions are available in many choices. Meditation benches for travelling are designed in a way that these are small, do not weigh much and can be folded. The benches with fixed sides are simple and cheap.

De Goudsbloem is the spiritual web shop par excellence for all your meditation needs. We offer a wide range of round meditation cushions, decorated with embroidered symbols such as the flower of life, yin yang, ohm, chakras. Meditation cushions in cotton,  silk, raw silk and hemp. Organic meditation cushions, half-moon meditation cushions and rectangular meditation cushions of very good quality, filled with buckwheat chaff.

For keeping you extra warm when meditating, we offer meditation shawls.

Beautiful series embroidered Meditation cushions and Mats Chakra design

Meditation bench cushion red with golden lotus
Material: top side polyester, bottom side Terry cotton (= mix cotton and polyester).To be filled with 3 cm of foam rubber, lotus pattern golden on red, with velcro fixing.Attention: cushion and filling are delivered separately, you need to fill it yourself.