Men's necklaces

Buy your cool and stylish men's necklaces at De Goudsbloem.

We have a very nice series of various jewelry, which are also suitable for men. These pieces of jewelry are completely or partly made of semi-precious stones and are very fashionable. They match almost every outfit because of the fashionable colors and designs. There can be endless combinations with these beautiful men's jewelry!

Jasper kamballa cap lock gemstone necklace men
Sturdy necklace made of Jasper kamballa and a number of Agate tree and Carnelian between beads, the cap lock has an antique look. The chain is 46 cm long with 6 mm thick beads.
Tiger Eye Onyx Gemstone Necklace Men
Tough necklace made of Tigereye and Onyx, the lobster clasp is silver. The necklace is 46 cm long with 6 mm thick beads and a silver-colored 'Hamsa hand' as a charm. It is a symbol of happiness and protection.
Amethyst raw pendant on cord
Rough pendant of the semi-precious stone Amethyst, comes with wax cord, the stone is approx. 4 cm long.