Natural Facial Care

Natural Facial Care

Natural Face Care is environmentally friendly, good for the skin, without chemical and synthetic substances and not tested on animals.

Buying Natural Facial Care

Natural Face care, environmentally friendly, without chemical and / or synthetic additives. Excellent for the face and lips. Vegetable-based products.

Why use Natural Facial Care?

The Skin is our largest organ and therefore very important. We use facial care daily, which is why it is good to use natural facial care. The purer the products are, the better. With these natural care products, especially clay, shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and jojoba oil are added.

They ensure that the skin is naturally hydrated, firmed, repaired, soothed, etc. Take care of your skin in a natural way and enjoy the many benefits that these products have to offer.

Argan Oil 100% Organic 100 ml
Pure argan oil by Argane Izylar is a premium quality organic argan oil.Can be used for body, face and hair.
Eliah Sahil Face mask Spirulina organic 100 gr
Face mask with valuable algae extracts and healing clay. Spirulina and laminaria are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements and fight the first signs of skin ageing. Provides a youthful, pure and soft skin.Ideal for fatter, thicker, mature skin, wrinkles or poor blood circulation. Enough for around 40 applications.
Eliah Sahil Organic Dental Powder Ginger 45 gr
Certified organic toothpaste powder with ginger, cleans teeth carefully and thoroughly. The natural ingredients effectively remove plaque, strengthen the gums and stabilise mouth flora.
Eliah Sahil Organic Dental Oil Turmeric 100 ml
Among the sources for this outstanding dental oil for oil pulling, are the seeds of the sapindus mukorossi nut. Enriched with the resin of the dragon’s blood tree, turmeric extract and xylitol, it promotes regeneration of the gums, is effective against bacteria and ensures a healthy mouth and throat flora.
Holy Lama Turmeric Face Mask 50 g
Holy Lama Turmeric Face Mask with Bergamot and Petitgrain is packed with all the wonderful benefits of turmeric root. It is nourishing and moisturising, especially for hydrating dry skin. Use regularly as a pre-bath cream or mask to improve skin radiance and evenness of skin tone. In Ayurveda, turmeric is believed to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Suitable for all skin types.
Holy Lama Red Sandalwood Face Mask 50 g
Holy Lama Red Sandalwood Face Mask with Vetiver and Calamus is revitalising and nourishing. Use regularly as a pre-bath cream or mask to improve skin radiance and evenness of skin tone and to reduce blemishes. Suitable for all skin types.