Nature's design Vital water Carafe Happy Family with FOL colour
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Nature's design Vital water Carafe Happy Family with FOL colour

Its shape and symbolic powers are transferred and will resonate in fluids. This symbol is always situated on the bottom of all drinking glasses and carafes ALLADIN.

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Buy Vital water Carafe Happy Family Nature's design with Flower of Life colour

Multi-coloured: This multi-coloured Flower-of-Life has been burnt into the glass at 550 degrees C. This symbol supports a positive and joyful attitude to life, and is recommended for children, and for people who tend to be depressive.

Flower of Life

This « Flower of Life » is one of the standard & most powerful symbols in nature, in the holy geometry. It is an ancient metaphor for the connection of all life in the Universe. In many cultures this symbol has been known ; it is mostly applied for vitalising and stabilising of foods and fluids. Its shape and symbolic powers are transferred and will resonate in fluids. This symbol is always situated on the bottom of all drinking glasses and carafes ALLADIN.

Quality Matters
The water you drink and use comes to you through an involved process, such as pressurization, filtering, sedentary storage, etc., a process which has an effect on the quality of water as it comes out of the tap or bottle. Water's journey through pipes, filters, tanks and other processes we use to insure the essential safety of the water supply also takes out the natural vitality of the water as it is found in nature.
TC energy design glassware re-activates processed water and brings it «back to life» back to the energetic form it is in when it originally comes from nature.
The spring: The best water for human health is fresh spring water.
The stress: Even the best Spring water looses vitality and energy when it is moved through pipes and other forms of water processing.
The remedy: The design of TC glassware revitalizes weakened, processed water from any source. Other liquids, such as juices and wine, are also improved in taste and biological vitality when held in TC glassware. Normal tap water is weakened by the unnaturally high pipe pressure and the flow in said pipes. A 3 minutes stay in the TC carafe is enough to improve weakened tap water. The survey results come from the laboratory EF Brown, CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland.

Traditional craftsmanship is necessary for the production of TC products. Each carafe is mouth-blown, using an individual, pre-formed mold. This individual production process makes every carafe a unique work of art.
The Flower-Of-Life symbols on the bottom are emblazoned into the glass base at 600 degrees Celsius (approx. 1100 F).
The glass used to make TC glassware is approximately 40% silica sand, which is known to be a highly energetic medium. The glass for TC glassware is completely free of lead or any other heavy metals.

TC carafes
Once water is revitalized in TC glassware, the stability of this enhancement can last up to one week without further influence. The effect of TC glassware is assured as long as its geometric shape and the accompanying symbolism remains intact. Science describes the physical effect which TC glassware has on the biological vitality of water and other liquids as «coherence.» It is well known scientifically that coherence among different parts of a system, or between different pieces of information, generates harmony and a strengthening of the entire system.
When using TC glassware, no other energetic inputs (such as electrical, magnetic, mental or other energies) are required to obtain the effect of the glassware itself.

Symbols and affirmations
As long as humanity has existed, all cultures on Earth have used symbols. In order to understand the effectiveness of symbols, it is necessary to understand the inherent resonance or vibration which they contain. Sometimes this is conveyed using words (as in «affirmation»), and sometimes using graphic symbols, mathematics or sounds. The Flower-of-Life symbol is believed to contain all the geometry of life as we know it on planet Earth. It is a universal symbol of energy, life and the connection among all things. Water as a medium seems to be able to recognize and retain various kinds of information, vibration, resonance, and to carry this «informational content» with it.

Affirmations on Mythos Tumblers.
The affirmations are based on a concept of colour, symbol and text. They promote a responsible recognition of one's own abilities and potential.

Product specifications

Material : Glass
Volume : 1300 ml

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