Chakra healing wand Amethyst
Chakra healing wand from Amethyst. Contains a Rock crystal sphere and point and all 7 chakra colors.
Amethyst powerbead bracelet + card
Amethyst powerbead bracelet with a display card. The bracelet is 18 cm long, strung on elastic with 8 mm beads.Comes with a display card showing the operation and disclaimer.
Rose quartz pocket stone
Discover the loving energy of our Rose Quartz pocket stone, a beautiful companion for those who appreciate emotion, warmth, and spiritual growth. Carefully selected for its remarkable properties, this unique pocket stone adds a touch of gentleness and love to your collection of energetic stones.
Amethyst health pendant
Health pendant Amethyst. Gemstone pendant, on a display card incl. Disposable chain.
Spearhead from 3 to 4 cm in various colors.
Goniatite, size approx. 4 to 6 cm. Goniatite is a small ammonite-like.
Fossil shark tooth pendant
Let yourself be transported to a distant past with the Fossil Shark Tooth pendant. This special pendant is made from a real fossil shark tooth, a fascinating piece of nature that is millions of years old and has an undeniable appeal.