Partnerhart Roze Kwarts
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Partner Heart Pink Quartz

Partner heart Pink quartz, ideal gift for a loved one. Comes in a gift box. The heart is 45 x 25 mm. (Slightly smaller than in the picture)

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Pink quartz

Pink quartz is a stone that represents love and harmony. It promotes relationships between lovers and friendship, but also towards yourself. Your sensory perception is enhanced and your fantasy is stimulated. You will experience more compassion, empathy and compassion. Pink quartz has a calming effect on grief and brings openness, helpfulness and romance.

The physical, emotional and spiritual effect Pink quartz

Reduce complaints:

Pink quartz helps against cardiac arrhythmias, chest / lung ailments, dizziness and age ailments such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It reduces sadness, fears and trauma through its calming effect.

Promote Properties:

Pink quartz promotes your empathy, sensitivity and self-acceptance. The stone has a positive effect on the sexual organs and thus promotes fertility. He opens the heart and makes you receptive to love. Pink quartz stimulates creativity and shows your beauty.

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Roze kwarts
Partnerhart Roze kwarts
ideaal kadootje voor een geliefde. Wordt geleverd in een cadeauverpakking. Het hartje is 50 x 30 mm. Gewicht is ca. 70 gram.