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Candles and candle holders

At De Goudsbloem you will find an extensive range of candles and mood lights.

Stearine candles, chakra candles, symbol candles, glass candles with symbol, chakra wind lights, symbol wind lights from our own workshop, made in a traditional way.

Fairtrade stearine candles, votive candles, Fairtrade chakra candles, … With or without scent.

A nice selection of Atmospheric lights, such as Lotus Capiz Atmospheric lights, Buddha candle holders, atmospheric lights Selenite, Atmospheric lights Flower of Life, salt crystal atmospheric lights, …

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Buying candles online

Candles are made from wax; stearin wax, beeswax, rapeseed wax, paraffin wax or composite wax. Usually candles are cast in a cylindrical shape with a cotton wick in the center.

Candles are real mood makers in your home.

The use and meaning of candles

For centuries, candles have been burned. The first candles would have been found in Central Italy, with the Etruscans. Candles were mainly used as lighting. Nowadays mainly as mood makers. Candles are often found in temples, churches, spiritual places and at home. Many people burn a candle to commemorate loved ones. The symbolism attributed to a candle is awakening and enlightenment.

Candles can be used as a mood maker during the dark evenings. A burning candle also provides relaxation. You can also use candles during a ritual or meditation. Give a candle as a gift once in a while.

Different Types of Candles

At De Goudsbloem we have a very extensive range of candles, in various shapes, scents and colors. Pillar candles, glass candles, votive candles, tealights and dinner candles. We have candles with or without scent.

You can find chakra candles with us in different sizes. We also have chakra candles in glass with a symbol. You will also find candles in glass with symbols and Chinese signs. The candles from our own candle workshop are for the most part ecologically stearic candles cast in the traditional way.

The Fair Trade candles come from Indonesia and are made from palm oil (stearin). Finally, there are the Angel candles in glass.

Atmospheric products at De Goudsbloem

To make your environment more pleasant, we also have a nice assortment of candle holders and tealight holders and Lotus atmospheric candelholders. Want to add something more to your interior? Salt crystal lamps and Gemstone lamps.

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