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Products for a good balance between body and mind.

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In today's society, where we experience more and more stress, we also look to keep body and mind in balance. To help you with this, we offer various products at De Goudsbloem. This allows you to develop a healthy lifestyle and support your body.

It is important to drink enough pure water. If you want clean water that is optimized with the right energy, then certainly check out our Nature's Design products with the flower of life. Do you want to optimize your water with precious stones? Then you can make a choice from our gemstones sticks and water-vitalization from VitaJuwel. We also offer different types of essences such as Bach flowers, Bach Elixirs & Co., Angel essences, Chakra essences, Sacred Geometry essences, etc.

To clean the respiratory tract of your nose and nasal cavity, you can use a Neti pot. Also have a look at our Organic body care and Organic tea. At De Goudsbloem you can certainly find conscious products for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

De Goudsbloem is the right place for a balance between body and soul.