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Incense – white sage and charcoal

You will find an extensive range of incense at De Goudsbloem, as well as Incense Burners, Incense Evaporators, Smudges, etc.

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Incense is a mixture of aromatics and / or herbs. These are lit for their particular odor. Many types of incense are used for specific purposes. Such as cleansing the home, for meditation, for relaxing etc …
Since ancient times, incense has been used for magic rituals.

The History of Incense

The origin of incense can be found in Africa and Asia. The Boswelia or Frankincense tree grows in these dry areas. There it was used for all kinds of ceremonies.
In Europe, incense is mainly known for its use in the churches. Only in the sixties of last century did there become more interest in incense. This is due to the growing interest in Eastern religions and cultures. Think especially of Buddhism. Incense is constantly being burned in the Buddhist temples.

Where does the word incense come from?

The original name is holy smoke and means smoke to dedicate. The incense offering, which took place many centuries ago, was meant to make the Gods happy. Furthermore, the incense was also used to remove odors from sacrificial animals or the deceased.

The Incense Ingredients

Incense is made from various scented ingredients. These can be; pine resin, spices, olibanum, essential oils, …

Use incense

Incense is mainly used for rituals and meditation. They are also used in Temples and Churches. It is also used for energetic cleaning, the cleaning of homes and smoking ceremonies.

Different varieties of incense

Incense Sticks – Incense Cones – Frankincense – Loose Frankincense Herbs – Smudges (White Sage) – Incense Grains.

Incense sticks: these are set on fire in a small bowl with sand or incense holder. You light them and then you blow them out so that the incense stick can quietly smolder. Depending on the species, they burn for 20 to 35 minutes.

Incense cones: incense cones are burned on metal or refractory stone trays. Lighting is the same as the incense sticks. The cones have a burning time of approximately 20 minutes. Their aroma is milder due to the fact that no wood is used.

Incense cubes: are burned on a special evaporator. The incense cubes gradually give off their scent due to the warmth of the tea light underneath, so no smoke or ash is released. And no poison is produced during this process.

Loose Incense: Loose incense is unprocessed. These are burned on incense burners with a sieve and charcoal. Used primarily during rituals such as wicca and shamanic rituals.

Frankincense resins: These are, as the word suggests, resins. This releases more smoke than when using the other types. You use these resins on an incense holder or incense burner with strainer. Frankincense resins are mainly used for larger spaces for incense smoke.

Types of incense at De Goudsbloem

With us you will find a large selection of incense. The best known is probably the Nag Champa incense. Agarbatti Hexagram incense are praised worldwide for their exclusive scents. You will also find the well-known Japanese Nippon Kodo with us. Fully handmade Masala incense and Ayurvedic incense. The beneficial effect of Palo Santo is limitless. The wood is considered magical, rare, sacred and unique.
For burning your loose incense and incense resins, don't forget your incense burner.

At De Goudsbloem you will certainly find the incense you want.