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Minerals and Gemstones

Choice of different types of minerals and gemstones such as: gemstone pendants, golden triangle minerals, orgonite, rough stones, tumbled stones, …

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Buying Minerals and Gemstones

Minerals and gemstones have been known for centuries. Its origin goes back tens of millions and its natural products are created by lava, gravel, sand, clay, etc. … Each stone is unique and has its own vibration or energy.

Each stone has its unique color, chemical composition and healing effect.

Minerals and precious stones are both polished and cut.

Most stones are polished. Tumbled Gemstones are originally rough, these are put in a rotating drum together with water and an abrasive.

The grinding of precious stones and minerals is a certain technique for making stones, for example, oval, or as a gem piece of jewelry. Stones can be cut in various shapes.

The Raw gems and minerals are not processed, come directly from Mother Earth.

You can carry precious stones with you, such as tumbled stone, pendant, worry stone. You can use them for sound healing, reiki, chakra healing.

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Gemstones & minerals never take the place of a doctor or medicine. Despite the healing effect, gems & minerals can never replace a doctor.

So always consult your doctor in case of health problems.