Singing Bowls with engraved Buddhas

Singing Bowls with beautiful engraved Buddhas

These Buddha singing bowls are real masterpieces, with beautiful engravings of Buddhas and Tibetan symbols. The engravings are gracefully applied and give an extra dimension to the singing bowl. These singing bowls are often used during healing sessions.

The most popular images are: Medicine Buddha, Tara Buddha, Saraswati- the female patron of fine arts, including music and sound, and the Medicine Buddha.

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Buying Singing Bowls with engraved Buddhas

Singing Bowl with engraved Saraswati.
At the bottom of the singing bowl, a portrait of Saraswati is engraved. She is the patroness of creativity, plastic arts and artists. By activating creativity, a female energy which is dominant in the right brain hemisphere, we may bring more balance into our lives, which is generally dominated by mental, left hemisphere, kind of energy. So this singing bowl is pre-eminently used during sessions with importance to balancing, and creativity needs to be stimulated. The mantra of Saraswati is: Om Saraswati Hum. Of course, the singing bowl may be used in any other way needed or wished for.

Singing Bowl with engraved Tara Buddha.
This beautifully engraved singing bowl is being used during ritual purification of personal circumstances or situations, but also for purifying planetary aspects, with the help of the female Bodhisattva White Tara, who is portrayed at the bottom of this bowl. With the powers of imagining, together with the power of White Tara mantra, one is capable of obtaining a intense purification, on a personal as well as an universal level. The White Tara mantra is: Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha. Of course, this singing bowl may be used for whatever purpose needed or desired.

Singing Bowl with engraved Medicine Healing Buddha.
In the bottom of this bowl, a portrait of the Medicine Buddha is engraved. This singing bowl is commonly used in healing sessions. The Medicine Buddha is called the Great Healer, the king of healers, in his radiant blue Lapis Lazuli colour. His mantra is: Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Radza Samudgate Soha. It is a powerful healing mantra, and can be used as such, for healing of physical and mental illness. Tayata means “it is as follows”, or “it is as this”, before stating a powerful announcement of what follows. The total meaning is this: May all suffering and the big suffering (ignorance of our true nature) be dissolved by the radiant powers of the blue light of the Medicine Buddha.