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Tibetan protection hangers, prayer mills and prayer flags. Ritual objects. Tangkas. Large selection of Flower of Life and Chakra products.

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Buying spiritual products

Develop yourself spiritually? At De Goudsbloem it is possible because of our extensive range of affordable prices.

Flower of Life

More than 100 Flower of Life products.
The “Flower of Life” is one of the most powerful natural symbols in sacred geometry. It is an ancient metaphor for the connectedness of all life in the universe.
Just looking at it or attuning to it in meditation can already bring about major changes.

Chakra Products

More than 300 Chakra Products.
Be enchanted by these beautiful chakra articles. Jewelry, Incense, Atmospheric Lights, Meditation Cushions, Scarves and so much more.

Our other Spiritual Products

Objects traditionally used in (Eastern) rituals such as Tibetan Prayer wheels, Kapala and Sacrificial Dishes
Beautiful decoration for your living room or meditation room: Tibetan Stonecraft and Thangkas. Each with their own story and meaning.

You can also find the Pendants for protection here, you can hang in your living room as well as in your car, but you can also carry these with you.

Tibetan prayer flags. The colors represent the five elements. Each of these elements is assigned a quality of the Buddha of wisdom.

Blue: self-knowledge
White: equality
Red: self-control
Green: act well
Yellow: being present in the now

The text on the flags are the mantras for the Buddhas of Wisdom. The Flags stand for: Peace, compassion, power and wisdom

We have an extensive assortment of Malas for reciting your mantras. Gemstone Malas, Malas from seeds etc …

And so much more …. Take your time to find the product that suits you and let your intuition do its work.