Spiriutal Statues

Wide choice of statues: Buddhas, Ganeshas, Shivas, Parvati and Angels.

One by one beautiful spiritual statues, each with their spiritual meaning.

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Buying spiritual statuettes

The spiritual statuettes from De Goudsbloem are mostly made of brass, polystone, sand, polyresine, wood, … all of them beautiful figurines.

Meaning of spiritual statuettes

Spiritual statuettes have been made by people for centuries, even in our daily live we encounter them, Deities, Goddesses, Saints,… These images symbolize a certain meaning. The Buddha represents hapiness and prosperity. Shiva, as king (raja) of the dance (nata), is considered the symbol for the perpetual movement of the universe. Ganesha symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Angels are caring protectors, messengers and guides.

Various types and materials

We offer a wide range of spiritual statuettes, in various types, materials and dimensions. Statuettes for in your meditational space, yogastudio, in your living room, or smaller figurines for your altar. A beautiful collection of Buddha statues, Hindu statues like Shiva, Ganesha, Parvati and Angel statues from Angel Star. Many of our statues are handcrafted in Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and India.

Statuettes are often presented as gifts, usually with a specific meaning for the receiver. It can be an angel, a Buddha statuette or a Shiva or Ganesha. Do take your time to select a nice spiritual statuette of your choosing, regardless if it’s a gift for yourself or others.

The spiritual statues from De Goudsbloem are an enrichment for every interior. They are timeless and create a special atmosphere and radiance in your house.

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