Yoga is relaxation for body and mind. The meaning of the word yoga is, reuniting and controlling, also reborn. In Yoga the mind learns to control the feeling and the body and to unite with each other.

At De Goudsbloem you will find different Yoga products. Yoga clothing, Yoga mats, Yoga bags, Yoga Props, Yoga Bolsters, …

Beautiful items at affordable prices.

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Buying Yoga Products

With yoga exercises you train both the body and the mind. In our western world, hatha yoga is mainly used.

You will find a great selection of yoga products for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. At the Goudsbloem we have a beautiful collection of yoga mats. You can choose from different types. Such as the TPE mats, rubber mats and our yogini yoga mats at a very favorable price. And not to mention our Jute mats with an excellent grip.

For the mats to take to the yoga practice we have yoga bags. Yoga bags with cord but also larger ones, where you can insert a yoga prop, water bottle and straps together with your mat.

We also have a series of yoga bolsters. Both round and rectangular bolster in different colors. These are filled with 100% pure buckwheat chaff.

Do you want the yoga clothing in addition? No problem with us you will certainly find what you want. This yoga clothing is made from sustainable fabrics and handmade. Take a look at Yoga clothing Yogamasti and Yoga clothing Surya. Keep warm for your back and kidneys: Kidneykaren.

The Yoga swing is a playful way to practice yoga. The unique design allows you to perform a whole series of yoga postures, both horizontally and vertically. Choose from Yoga swing purple and Yoga swing blue.

Be inspired by these beautiful Yoga Products from De Goudsbloem