Selenite white tumbled stones mt3 per gram
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Selenite white tumbled stones mt3 per gram

Tumbled stones Selenite white from Morocco.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 100.
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Gemstones tumbled stones of white Selenite of 20-40 mm. The price is per gram. Location Morocco.

Selenite is a spiritual stone that facilitates meditation and contact with angels. Provides insight and has a protective effect. Provides balance, tranquility and peace in body and mind. Selenite helps you with spinal complaints and epilepsy. Has a positive effect on breastfeeding. Selenite provides guidance and control. The stone has a physical positive effect on the spine, the brain and strengthens tissue. Selenite promotes fertility and lactation. It makes you young, vital and cheerful and strengthens your intuition. Selenite helps against hyperactivity and tension. It has an analgesic effect, even on pre-conditions. Selenite can have a beneficial effect on epilepsy, edema formation and the effect of free radicals. Helps with hormone fluctuations and irritability. Selenite helps you to shield yourself from negative energy and emotions from within and without.

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