Septarie schedel 11 cm
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Septarian skull 11 cm

Crystal skull (skull) of Septarie of approx. 11 cm l

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Crystal skull (skull) of Septarie of about 11 cm long.

Septarian makes you calm and patient. It promotes stamina and your communication skills, especially when you have to speak in front of a group. Septarian has a purifying effect and therefore has a positive effect on the circulation, the heart and the metabolism. Septarian makes you caring and helps you to gain more tolerance and attention for the other.

Septarian helps against swelling and acidification. The stone has a beneficial effect on intestinal complaints, skin problems and kidney disorders. Septary also helps against depression, especially if these are related to the seasons and it cancels your repression mechanism. Septarian is also helpful with nightmares, negative energy and psychic attacks.

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