Shiva Lingam tumbled stones mt3
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Shiva Lingham tumbled stones mt3

Tumbled stones of shiva lingham. Size 20-40 mm. Shiv

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Tumbled stones of shiva lingham. Size 20-40 mm.

Shiva linghams are elongated, smooth-cut, rounded stone objects used in the sacrificial rituals of many Hindus. Nowadays, a Shiva lingham is present in almost every mandir (Hindu temple), and milk and water are sprinkled on it, with prayers being said. During this ritual Shiva is worshiped and one expects to be protected from illnesses and other setbacks. People also hope to be released from this earthly existence and to be able to live eternally well and happily. By sprinkling the Shiva lingham with milk, Hindus believe that they are blessed with goodness (satthwa) and will always do good deeds regardless of the circumstances.

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