Schedel hanger Tijgeroog
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Skull pendant Tiger eye

Skull pendant Tiger eye of approx. 20 mm high

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Skull pendant Tiger eye of approx. 20 mm high

Tiger's eye is a protective and insightful stone. He makes you more self-aware and more focused. Tiger eye helps you to gain an overview and to integrate information into your consciousness. Also very suitable for study purposes. He gives you confidence and courage and helps you to resolve internal conflicts. Tiger Eye reduces indecision, doubts and shyness, it protects you from all kinds of fears and phobias and will help to clear mental blockages. Tiger's eye has a positive effect on the eyes, ears, heart, brain, fine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, circulation, throat, liver, stomach, bowel movements, back, hips, knees, ankles, genitals and improves the metabolism. Tiger's eye enhances concentration and intuition.

Tiger's eye has a beneficial effect on colds, asthma, respiratory distress, sore throat, bronchitis, lung complaints, intestinal cramps, abdominal pain, tension, over-irritation of the nervous system, hyperventilation, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, anemia, iron deficiency, muscle cramps and personality disorders.

For more information about the effect of gemstones, look in our mineral database.

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Schedel hanger Tijgeroog van ca. 20 mm hoog
Tijgeroog is een beschermende en inzichtgevende steen. Hij maakt je zelfbewuster en doelgerichter. Tijgeroog helpt je om overzicht te krijgen en informatie te integreren in je bewustzijn. Zeer geschikt ook voor studiedoeleinden. Hij geeft je vertrouwen en
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