Rookkwarts pendel facet
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Smoky quartz pendulum facet

Smoky quartz pendulum faceted, approx. 3 cm long.

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Smoky quartz pendulum faceted, approx. 3 cm long.

Smoky quartz helps you to relax and ground. It strengthens the nerves and has a positive effect on the genitals and legs. Smoky quartz promotes concentration and helps you to gain an objective view of life.

Smoky quartz reduces depression and the fear of failure. It helps overcome your addiction and works well against nightmares and suicidality. Smoky quartz has a beneficial effect on pelvic instability by strengthening hips, pelvis and nerves. The stone helps against (muscle) cramps, abdominal complaints, back and neck pain, headaches, stress and RLS.

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