Sodaliet zaksteen
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Sodalite pocket stone

Zaksteen Sodalite

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Zaksteen Sodalite

Sodalite helps you regain your self-confidence, self-esteem. He gives you insight about yourself and makes you realize that you want to be true to yourself. It ensures a good metabolism and it promotes fluid absorption in the body. The stone strengthens logic, rational thinking and provides an objective view coupled with a healthy dose of intuition. Sodalite supports the lymphatic and immune systems. The stone also promotes calcium absorption, which strengthens the teeth, molars, bones and muscles.

Sodalite helps against throat complaints, such as vocal cords (hoarseness), Sodalite also helps against fever and high blood pressure. Sodalite ensures that obstructive thoughts related to fears and phobias are broken. Helps against insomnia, headache, chest tightness, menstrual pain, menopause problems, balance disorder, fainting and hyperventilation.

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