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Spheres polished

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Gemstone spheres are polished natural stones in spherical shape. Hand-cut gemstone spheres with a diameter of 15 to 200 mm in different types of gemstones and minerals.

Using Gemstone Spheres
They give off an even energy as they are round. The energy is diffused in a gentle way and helps you to balance the environment where you use the sphere or spheres.

You can use different types of bulbs according to the effect you want to achieve.

The Gemstone spheres are best placed on a foot, you can also use a cloth or cushion.

The spheres are usually placed centrally in the space you want to purify, optimize and balance. Both your living room, work space, meditation room, bedroom, etc.. can benefit from the properties of the spheres.

Also try holding a sphere in your hand during meditation. You will definitely feel the positive effects.

Shungit edelsteenbol 60 mm
Mooi gepolijste bol van de edelsteen Shungit met een gewicht van 258 gr. De bol heeft een doorsnede van 60 mm.
Shungit edelsteenbol 40 mm
Mooi gepolijste bol van de edelsteen Shungit met een gewicht van 96.8 gr. De bol heeft een doorsnede van 40 mm.
Edelsteenbol Seleniet 16 cm
Edelsteenbol Seleniet met een doorsnee van 16 cm en 3.3 kg gewicht. Seleniet komt uit Marokko.
Aragoniet bolvoet
Aragoniet bolvoet, diameter van 5 cm en ca. 2 cm hoog. De uitsparing voor de bol is ca. 2,5 cm, er passen bollen op van 3 tot ca. 10 cm. Gewicht ca. 80 gram.
Golden Healer edelsteen bol 40 mm
Golden Healer edelsten bol van 4 cm in doorsnede en ca. 90 gram. Vindplaats van deze Golden Healer is Madagaskar. Let op! Ieder stuk is uniek en kan daarom afwijken van de foto.
Lapis Lazuli 50-55 mm gemstone sphere
Lapis Lazuli A-quality gemstone sphere 50 to 55 mm in diameter. Weight approx. 220 grams. Location of this Lapis Lazuli is Afghanistan.
Jasper polychrome gemstone sphere 7.5 cm
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Jasper polychrome gemstone sphere of approx. 7.5 cm. Location Madagascar. Pay attention! The sphere differs from the photo.
Aragonite gemstone sphere 35 mm
Gemstone sphere of approx. 3.5 cm in Aragonite. Pay attention! The color may differ from the photos.
Labradorite A 3 cm gemstone sphere
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Sphere of A quality Labradorite of approx. 3 cm in size. Pay attention! Colors may differ from the photos.
Fossil wood gemstone sphere 19 cm
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Gemstone sphere made of Petrified wood, 19 cm in diameter, where it was found in Java. Pay attention! The sphere may differ from the photo.