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Spirituality - Buddhism- Hinduism - Tibetan

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Develop yourself spiritually? At De Goudsbloem it is possible because of our extensive range of affordable prices.

Flower of Life

More than 100 Flower of Life products.
The “Flower of Life” is one of the most powerful natural symbols in sacred geometry. It is an ancient metaphor for the connectedness of all life in the universe.
Just looking at it or attuning to it in meditation can already bring about major changes.

Chakra Products

More than 300 Chakra Products.
Be enchanted by these beautiful chakra articles. Jewelry, Incense, Atmospheric Lights, Meditation Cushions, Scarves and so much more.

Our other Spiritual Products

Objects traditionally used in (Eastern) rituals such as Tibetan Prayer wheelsKapala and Sacrificial Dishes
Beautiful decoration for your living room or meditation room: Tibetan Stonecraft and Thangkas. Each with their own story and meaning.

You can also find the Pendants for protection here, you can hang in your living room as well as in your car, but you can also carry these with you.

Tibetan prayer flags. The colors represent the five elements. Each of these elements is assigned a quality of the Buddha of wisdom.

Blue: self-knowledge
White: equality
Red: self-control
Green: act well
Yellow: being present in the now

The text on the flags are the mantras for the Buddhas of Wisdom. The Flags stand for: Peace, compassion, power and wisdom

We have an extensive assortment of Malas for reciting your mantras. Gemstone Malas, Malas from seeds etc …

And so much more …. Take your time to find the product that suits you and let your intuition do its work.



Malas are originally a prayer chain from Hinduism and Buddhism and are used in meditation to count mantras.

Buying Mala

You use a mala in the mantra meditations, reciting the mantra. The word mantra comes from Sanskrit and means “prayer that liberates the mind.” So it actually has the same function as a rosary (Catholic rosary). In Buddhism 108 is a sacred number, in a mantra meditation you repeat the mantra 108 times.

It is important that our thoughts are pure while reciting or singing the mantra. Mantra is the practical use of secret powers that help us move forward.

The beads are made from (semi) precious stones, pearls, bodhi seeds, wood or bones from the Yak.

Our malas are made from very beautiful materials. You can use them as a prayer necklace or wear as a necklace. The smaller malas can be worn as a bracelet.

Pendants for Protection

At the Goudsbloem you will find several Pendants for Protection that you can carry with you, in the home or in the car.

Buying Pendants for Protection online

Many people carry an object for happiness. People feel protected by wearing a Talisman. They are usually worn to ward off negative influences and to provide a sense of protection.

With us you will find Pendants for Protections that you can carry with you or hang in your home or car.

For example, we have the Pendants for Protection with the image of a Buddha, Tara, Vajra. You will also find the Tibetan Pendants for Protection with us, each with their own vibration and characteristic. The talisman can be worn in the following ways: around the neck, in a bag or wallet, or hung in the house or in the car.

Flower of Life products

In this category you will find all kinds of products with the image of the Flower of Life.

Nature's Design, Pendants, Biotensors, Jewelry, Aroma Injectors, Oil Evaporators, Feng Shui Pendants, Atmospheric Lights, Tarot Boxes, Yoga Clothing, Candles, Meditation Cushions and so much more ... all with a beautiful image of the Flower of Life.

At De Goudsbloem you will find an extensive range of products with the Flower of Life

Flower of Life products

The “Flower of Life” is one of the most powerful natural symbols in sacred geometry. It is an ancient metaphor for the connectedness of all life in the universe.

Just looking at it or attuning to it in meditation can already bring about major changes.

Kathas & Textile

Products from Tibet, like Katha shawls with symbols or plain, door hangings, wall hangings, temple rugs and book covers.

For Tibetans, most of these have a special spiritual or symbolic meaning, and are used as decorations for the altar, in the Gompa (meditation room) or at home. Here also, most products are being sold with symbolic designs, like the double Dorje, Kala Chakra or lotuses.
Chakra products

In this category you will find an extensive range of chakra products.

Chakra tea Solaris, chakra lights, incense, pendants, candles, meditation cushions, jewelry, chakra gems sets, yoga clothing, and so much more ...

Buying Chakra products

Chakra is originally a concept from traditional Indian medicine. The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “circle”.
A few thousand years ago, the chakras were discovered by Indian spiritual healers.

The chakras are represented as rotating funnel-shaped energy fields, which are located on the most important nerve nodes along the spine. In the chakras, the energy channels, also called nadi, come together.

At De Goudsbloem you will certainly find the chakra products that suit you.

Prayer Wheels Tibetan

Buying Tibetan Prayer Wheels 

In Buddhism, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have created a variety of skillful means (upaya) to help bring practitioners ever closer to realizing enlightenment. The idea of spinning mantras relates to numerous Tantric practices whereby the Tantric practitioner visualizes mantras revolving around the nadis and especially around the meridian chakras such as the heart and crown. Therefore, prayer wheels are a visual aid for developing one's capacity for these types of Tantric visualizations.

The spiritual method for those practicing with a prayer wheel is very specific (with slight variations according to different Buddhist sects). The practitioner most often spins the wheel clockwise, as the direction in which the mantras are written is that of the movement of the sun across the sky. On rare occasions, advanced Tantric practitioners such as Senge Dongma, the Lion-Faced Dakini, spin prayer wheels counterclockwise to manifest a more wrathful protective energy. As the practitioner turns the wheel, it is best to focus the mind and repeat the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra. Not only does this increase the merit earned by the wheel's use, but it is a mind-stabilization technique that trains the mind while the body is in motion. Intoning the mani mantra with mindfulness and the “Bodhicitta” motivation dramatically enhances the effects of the prayer wheel.

However, it is said that even turning it while distracted has benefits and merits, and it is stated in the lineage text that even insects that cross a prayer wheel's shadow will get some benefit. Each revolution is as meritorious as reading the inscription aloud as many times as it is written on the scroll, and this means that the more Om Mani Padme Hum mantras that are inside a prayer wheel, the more powerful it is. It is best to turn the wheel with a gentle rhythm and not too fast or frantically. While turning smoothly, one keeps in mind the motivation and spirit of compassion and bodhichitta (the noble mind that aspires to full enlightenment for the benefit of all beings). The benefits attributed to the practice of turning the wheel are vast. Not only does it help wisdom, compassion and bodhichitta arise in the practitioner, it also enhances siddhis (spiritual powers such as clairvoyance, precognition, reading others thoughts, etc.). The practitioner can repeat the mantra as many times as possible during the turning of the wheel, stabilizing a calm, meditative mind. At the end of a practice session, there is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition of dedicating any accumulated merits that one may have gathered during practice to the benefit of all sentient beings. Then Om Ah Hum 3 times. This is customary with Tibetans upon completing any Buddhist practice, including the practice of the prayer wheel.

Prayer Flags Tibetan
A prayer flag is a colourful panel of rectangular cloth, often found strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas, or from roofs. They are used to bless the surrounding countryside and for other purposes. Prayer flags are believed to have originated with Bon, which predated Buddhism in Tibet. In Bon, shamanistic Bonpo used primary-colored plain flags in healing ceremonies. They are unknown in other branches of Buddhism. Traditionally, they are woodblock-printed with texts and images.

Buy Tibetan Prayer Flags

Lung Ta (horizontal) prayer flags are of square or rectangular shape, and are connected along their top edges to a long string or thread.

Traditionally, prayer flags come in sets of five, one in each of five colours. The five colours represent the elements and the Five Pure Lightsand are arranged from left to right in specific order: blue, white, red, green, and then yellow. Different elements are associated with different colours for specific traditions, purposes and sadhana. Blue symbolizes sky/space, green symbolizes air/wind, red symbolizes fire, white symbolizes water, and yellow symbolizes earth.

According to Traditional Tibetan medicine, health and harmony are produced through the balance of the five elements. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all.

By hanging flags in high places the Lung ta will carry the blessings depicted on the flags to all beings. As wind passes over the surface of the flags which are sensitive to the slightest movement of the wind, the air is purified and sanctified by the Mantras.

The prayers of a flag become a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from exposure to the elements. Just as life moves on and is replaced by new life, Tibetans renew their hopes for the world by continually mounting new flags alongside the old. This act symbolizes a welcoming of life's changes and an acknowledgment that all beings are part of a greater ongoing cycle.

Because the symbols and mantras on prayer flags are sacred, they should be treated with respect. They should not be placed on ground or used in clothing. Old prayer flags should be burned.

Wicca and Tarot

In our Wicca and Tarot category you will find Tarot boxes, Tarot bags, Witch cauldrons, Chalice with Pentagram, wicca symbol stones.

Buying Wicca and Tarot products

At De Goudsbloem you will find a nice range of Wicca and Tarot items. Beautifully decorated Tarot boxes in which you can store your precious belongings. Our Tarot boxes can also be used as a jewelry box. They are made of wood, carvings, aluminum and soapstone. All of them beautiful traditional works.

We also have tarot bags. Made from velvet where you can put your Wicca Symbol Stones in for example. For the true Wicca practitioner we also have a chalice with pentagram and Cauldrons, the wicca witch cauldrons.

Also take a look at our pendulums, which are certainly useful for your spiritual growth.

De Goudsbloem stands for quality at affordable prices

Mala bags

It is advised to store the Mala in a Mala purse, for protection against disturbing influences.

Ritual Objects

In this category you will find a number of objects that are traditionally used during (Eastern) rituals.

Buy Ritual Objects

Rituals are expressions of man or animal, which are to be repeated in certain circumstances. These expressions may consist of a few elements, but also a whole range of different elements. These ritual elements could be: posture, mimics, gestures (mudra), dance, song, word, sounds…
The appearance and wearing (or just the presence) of certain objects (as a way of disguise, painting, wearing a mask, a wand, a weapon, mantel or other attributes or symbols) often plays an important role in rituals. Anyway, a ritual is characterised by way of a recognisable pattern. Just like these kind of rituals when making a wish: blowing out the candles or singing a birthday song. Also raising your glass and drinking a toast are rituals. Certain occasions need rituals, like making a wish when seeing a falling star, or burning pictures when ending a relationship.

Rituals are very important. The familiar character of a ritual is important, for the individual, who feels at ease because of it, as well as for a society, where (shared) rituals are the binding agent between persons.
Every culture has its rituals. Mainly during important life changes, like (giving) birth, transit to adulthood, marriage, religious or social alliances and death. But also when someone wants to start all over and live a new life.

In its most simple form, a ritual can be an almost unnoticeable nodding. As the other extreme it could be a long-lasting, exhausting happening, with intervening meditations.
Rituals are influencing the human mind, because they often cohere with the archetype, according to Jung. In psychology, certain ways of cumpulsive behaviour are also noted as rituals.


The literal translation of the Tibetan word THANG KA means "recorded message".

Thangkas communicate a message to the practitioner, serving as an aid to teaching and as an aid to meditation through the visualisation of the deity.
Tibetan Stone Craft

Stone reliefs (slate, rock, Mani), handmade, with pictures and/or mantras.

Sizes are stated.
Mala Xinyi jade with tassel
Mala with 108 green jade beads and a tassel.Can also be worn as a necklace. Comes in a cotton giftbag.
Mala rose quartz/ amazonite/ rhodonite + lotus
Stylish necklace with 108 beads of rose quartz, amazonite and rhodonite, and a lotus charm.(*)Can also be used as a mala for counting mantras. Comes in a cotton gift bag.
Mala amethyst/ aventurine/ rock crystal + ohm
Necklace with 108 beads of amethyst, blue aventurine & clear quartz, and ohm charm.(*)Can also be used as a mala for counting mantras. Comes in a cotton giftbag.
Mala rhodonite/ grey quartz + feather
Stylish necklace with 108 beads of rhodonite & grey quartz and a feather charm.(*)Can also be used as a mala for counting mantras. Comes in a cotton gift bag.
Power box 7 Chakra harmony ±750-850 g
Rough Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Quartz, Orange Calcite, Citrine (burned amethyst), Green Quartz, Red Jasper. The power for balance and harmony. To help balance, align, and cleanse all 7 chakras. Supporting different energy centres throughout the body and stabilising your overall energy.(*)
Chakra reiki obelisk
Chakra obelisk with engraved Usui reiki symbols. Highly recommended by crystal healers, reiki practitioners and feng shui specialists.The 7 chakra minerals are: Red Jasper, Peach Aventruine, Golden Quartz, Green Aventurine, Synthetic Turqouise, Blue Aventurine and Amethyst.
Yoga top organic chakra M/L white
This versatile Chakra Yoga top is made of 100% organic cotton and can be worn with almost any yoga pants. With all 7 chakras artistically printed and embroidered in their original colours, this top is a simple elegant and beautiful item of yoga clothing. 
White Sage smudge & chakra rose petals S set of 2
White sage smudge stick with rose petals in the 7 chakra colours. Provides your smudging ceremony with an extra layer, the healing fragrance of rose and the symbolism of purifying and energising the 7 chakras.
Aroma stone diffuser flower of life with black base 2 pieces
An aroma stone diffuser is particularly designed for spaces where essential oil diffusing by burning a candle is not allowed or not desired. Think for example a child’s bed room, hotel room, bathroom, inside a cupboard, wardrobe or car. 
The aroma stone diffuser consists of 2 ceramic parts: the base is high-fired which makes it oil and water proof. The top part is porous and absorbs oil or water easily. Comes without essential oils, order them seperately.
Endless knot prayer wheel + OMPMH mantra
Standing prayer wheel to place on your alter, table or desktop. Or to hang on a wall. With the Endless Knot in a turquois/greenish colour, symbol of eternity and interdependence of all phenomena. Also,  comes with the well known mantra Om mani padme hum around the prayer wheel, for the development of kindness and compassion.
Wooden side table flower of life
Side table made from mango wood with high quality detailed carving of the Flower of Life symbol. Finished off with wax polish. Easily put together with the screw-on legs.The Flower of Life is a symbol from sacred geometry and symbolises the unity of everything within life's creation.
Amethyst pendant with flower of life gold colour
The Flower of Life belongs to Sacred Geometry which believes that all life is part of a divine, geometric plan.This mystical symbol can be found in almost all major religions in the entire world. The Flower of Life is composed of several concentric, equal, overlapping circles.
Selenite heart with flower of life worry stone
The name Selenite comes from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. This stone has a moonlike angelic virbration of stillness and peace.
The Flower of Life symbolises the unity of everything within life's creation. It shows that we all are modelled to the same blueprint and is a strong symbol within sacred geometry.
Flower of life chakra pyramid with crystal point
A pyramid is specially made to balance energy fields in your living or work space. The pyramid can also be put in your trouser pocket or under a pillow. In order to activate the pyramid to your aura, hold it in your hands for at least 20 seconds.
Orgonite chakra pyramid black tourmaline with ohm
Orgon means life energy (chi, ether or prana). Orgonite is a composition of crystal, resin and metal. It protects against harmful (electromagnetic) radiation and other energy pollution. Orgonite has a general relaxing effect and promotes physical and spiritual health.(*)
Black tourmaline crystal point pyramid with flower of life
A pyramid is specially made to balance energy fields in your living or work space. The pyramid can also be put in your trouser pocket or under a pillow. In order to activate the pyramid to your aura, hold it in your hands for at least 20 seconds.
Tuning pipes 7 chakra energy healing + stand
Seven Energy Healing Tuning Pipes, one for each chakra. Made of high quality heat treated aluminium, producing a beautiful and long lasting sound. Carefully tuned to the intended frequencies, they have a great healing effect.
7 chakra mini worry stones
Yogi & Yogini naturals 7 chakra worry stones pocketsize, 1 of each stone type: amythist, clear quartz, green aventurine, lapis lazuli, topaz jasper, carnelian, red jasper.Packed in a cotton bag.