Staande engel 20 mm Opaliet (synth)
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Standing angel 20 mm Opalite synth

Opalite standing angel of 20 mm

Opalite is a synthetic stone.

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Opalite standing angel of 20 mm high

Opalite is a synthetic stone.

Opalite promotes self-healing properties and has a purifying effect. The stone has a positive effect on the memory and lungs. Opalite ensures that you can approach things in a clear way, enlightens and has an uplifting effect. The stone makes the muscles flexible, relaxes and warms the body.

Opalite generally works well against infections, reduces fever and has a beneficial effect on the adrenal glands in terms of the production of insulin. Opalite helps when you suffer from muscle cramps and / or when you are cold.

For more information about the effect of gemstones, look in our mineral database.

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