Tabiano bio-sulphur

Tabiano bio-sulphur

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The products in this line help the skin to regain balance; they also have a normalizing and tallow-regulating effect.

They are soft, non-aggressive and do not dry out the skin, so they are also well tolerated by normal or combination skin.

A historically patented trademark that has been in use since the early 1900s, with an exceptional Art Deo logo that is highly regarded for its effect, originality, inventiveness and for the combination of extremely bright and surprisingly elegant colors of yellow, red and green.
The Supersapone Tabiano line received acclaim and appreciation for its innovative formula, based on the use of sulfur for cosmetic purposes.

Sulfur has been known for centuries for its antiseptic, sebum-regulating and astringent properties. This makes it a valuable basic material in cosmetics for greasy skin and skin with acne.
Naturalist Tommaso Antonio Catullo writes in his' Elements of mineralogy '(1833):' The medicinal use of sulfur is multifaceted and extremely interesting. It is used in the treatment of many skin diseases, and is used in massage oils and linings for the skin … ”
Pilogen's research (Tabiano, Italy) has continuously developed and improved the series of sulfur-based products in various forms: from Bio-sulphur to Plant sulphur.
Bio-sulphur: biologically absorbable form of sulfur that enhances its efficacy and allows cosmetics to be formulated without the characteristic sulfur odor.
Plant sulphur: uses the presence of sulfur in plant proteins and amino acids. These sulfur-containing substances offer some of the well-known effects of this beautiful element.
Naturally a remedy that keeps us amazed, the efficacy of which is concentrated and extremely subtle cosmetic skin products.

The constantly improved quality and care, according to what modern cosmetics prescribe, have led to the development of an ever-growing range of products, including shampoos, creams and skin cleansers.

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Tabiano bio sulphur shower gel 250 ml 3 pieces
The innovative action of Bio-sulphur with its powerful re-balancing, purifying, detoxifying, toning and revitalizing action, it is ideal for the daily cleansing of all types of skin.