Tea Ayurvedic Pavilion organic

Tea Ayurvedic Pavilion organic

Pavilion Ayurvedic teas are the best teas of the highest level for all your wellbeing needs.

Buying Ayurvedic Pavilion Tea organic

Pavilion philosophy:
At Pavilion, everything we do is with an eye on your well-being. We are convinced that drinking the right herbal teas daily is the easiest way to maintain your well-being, along with a good balance between work and life, exercise and a healthy, healthy diet!

We have been mixing herbs and tea in Brighton and Hove for 30 years! As a result of our passionate work, we bring you a unique therapeutic concept using Indo-European herbal fusion, the only Ayurvedic tea made from the best cut herbs, flowers and spices of the highest quality. Our delicate mixtures of herbs, flowers and spices will give you healthy, refreshing and delicious tea drinks throughout the day. We only use pure natural flavors of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, licorice, nutmeg!

We also offer a nice range of tea accessories such as, tea mugs and tea pots

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