Tea Fiore d'Oriente Organic

Tea Fiore d'Oriente Organic

Loose organic herbal tea from Fiore d'Oriente, specially formulated for balancing the Chakras.

Buying Tea Fiore d'Oriente Organic

It is important to keep our Chakras balanced, so we have to work on different fronts and use them all constantly.
The resources we have available: yoga, mantras, affirmations, colors, perfumes, foods and beverages.

Herbal tea for chakras is a great tool to bring our energy system back into balance. The mixtures are exclusively composed of plants from high-quality organic crops.

At Fiore D'Oriente they follow the entire production chain from the seed bank to the packaging in sealed envelopes, to protect them from contamination and bring them to us as fresh as they have just been harvested.

We also offer a nice range of tea accessories such as, tea mugs and tea pots

Fiore d'Oriente Organic tea 5th chakra
Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 5: Vishudda.With lavender, hawthorn, eucalyptus, lemon balm, plantain.