The drop of Labradoriet - hanger
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The drop of Labradorite - pendant

The drop of Labradorite. A beautiful drop-shaped pendant of approx. 25 mm long.

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Labradorite stands for self-reflection, truth and intuition. The stone has a protective effect and promotes spirituality on all levels. Labradorite helps to get in touch with your subconscious mind so that patterns and beliefs that have a negative influence on your functioning can be broken. Labradorite also protects you against illusions, but on the other hand it enhances fantasy and creativity. Labradorite enhances the clarity and can help you to visualize, see and thus reveal the nature of puzzling illnesses.

The physical, emotional and spiritual workings of Labradorite

Reduce complaints:
Labradorite reduces sensitivity to cold. Is beneficial for colds, high blood pressure, rheumatism, gout and menstrual complaints. Labradorite protects you against negative influences from the outside and people or places that take too much energy. It reduces fear and illusions.

Promote Properties:
Labradorite gives you more confidence and perseverance. It helps you bring back forgotten memories and face the truth. Labradorite has a calming effect and regulates the metabolism. It stimulates your intuition and your imagination so that you know how to put ideas down in a creative way.

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The drop of Labradoriet. Een mooie druppelvorm hanger van ca. 25 mm lang.
Labradoriet geeft je meer zelfvertrouwen en doorzettingsvermogen. Hij helpt je te om vergeten herinneringen naar boven te halen en de waarheid onder ogen te zien. Labradoriet werkt kalmerend en reguleert de stofwisseling. Hij stimuleert je intuïtie en je
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