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Tumbled stones

At De Goudsbloem you will find more than 300 different tumbled stones. Every month we expand the existing collection of tumbled gemstones and minerals.

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Tumbled stones are created when the raw mineral is tumbled into small pieces in a rotating drum with water and abrasive. Due to the many movements of the water, abrasive and the minerals in the drum, all sharp points disappear and the minerals become round/oval and start to shine. The drumming takes place in at least 3 phases. In each stage, finer grinding powder is used. Drumming can take two to five weeks, depending on the desired quality.

The tumbled minerals and gemstones are used as cuddly stones and therapy stones. They feel very smooth and are easy to carry in your pocket or as pendants.

How to use tumbled stones?
There are several ways to use tumbled gems.

on your body
You can place the gemstone or mineral on your body, for example with massage, Reiki or chakra therapy, where you then bring the chakras back into balance.
You can also use them as a pendant and wear them on the body. You can also carry a tumbled stone with you, in your pocket or other pocket in your clothes.

gemstone water
First make your choice which gem or combination you want to use. Provide a bowl or wide transparent bottle with a wide neck so that the gems can easily enter. Wash the stones beforehand. Preferably fill with spring water or filtered water. Sunlight has an extra positive effect. After a few hours in the sunlight, your elixir is ready. No sunlight this day? Then you can leave the elixir for about 8 hours. Then pour into a dark bottle and close airtight. Do not store for more than a week.

It is and remains important to always use medical help where it is needed and while we try to share essential information in this site that could greatly benefit everyone's health, it is not intended to encourage anyone to take medical care. exclude help. On the contrary! Always seek help from your doctor in case of complaints!

Agate moss tumbled stones mt3, p kg
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These carefully selected Moss Agate Tumbled Stones are not only visually appealing but also carry the grounding and protective properties of moss agate. The smooth, tumbled finish not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also makes them suitable for meditation and spiritual growth.
Agate Botswana gray tumbled stones size 3-4, p kg
Our Botswana Gray Agate Tumbled Stones are carefully selected for quality and unique patterns. Each stone tells its own story with subtle lines and shades of gray. Whether you are an experienced gemstone enthusiast or looking for a special gift, these tumbled stones are a beautiful addition.
Agate ghost tumbled stones mt2-3, p kg
Ghost Agate is renowned for its mystical allure and is often sought after for its protective properties. The smooth, tumbled finish of these stones not only makes them visually appealing but also suitable for meditation and spiritual growth.
Tree Agate tumbled stones (mt2-3) 1kg
Our tree agate tumbled stones are carefully selected and of high quality. Each stone is unique, showcasing vibrant colors and breathtaking patterns. Whether you are an avid gemstone collector or seeking a meaningful gift, these tumbled stones are sure to leave a lasting impression.
Ametrine tumbled stones size 2-3 per gram
Discover the harmonious energy of Ametrine tumbled stones (size3)! Our carefully selected gemstones have been precisely polished into smooth, round shapes. Ametrine, a combination of amethyst and citrine, blends the calming properties of amethyst with the invigorating energy of citrine, creating a unique and balanced vibration in these tumbled stones.
Agate crazy lace tumbled stones mt3, p kg
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Our carefully selected Agate Crazy Lace Tumbled Stones are not only of high quality but each one also tells its own unique story. Whether you're a passionate gemstone collector or looking for a lively gift, these tumbled stones offer an exciting choice.
Agate Botswana pink tumbled stones, p kg
Our Pink Botswana Agate Tumbled Stones are carefully selected for quality and unique patterns. Each stone has its own character and radiates a calming vibration. Whether you are an experienced gemstone enthusiast or looking for a meaningful gift, these tumbled stones are a beautiful choice.
Agate fire tumbled stones size 3, per gram
Discover the fiery world of Fire Agate Tumbled Stones, where passion and energy converge in these unique stones. Fire Agate is renowned for its vibrant red hues and captivating inclusions, making these stones a striking addition to any gemstone collection.
Bronzite tumbled stones size 3, p kg
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Explore the profound energy of Bronzite Tumbled Stones - a journey towards strength and self-discovery! Our carefully selected Bronzite stones are precisely tumbled, allowing their natural beauty and healing properties to fully manifest.
Rock crystal tumbled stones mt1 charging mix
Each Rock Crystal tumbled stone is infused with positive energy and can be a source of clarity and balance in your life. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, emotional stability, or physical vitality, Rock Crystal is a versatile companion on your journey to well-being.
Fossil stone tumbled stones (size2-3)
Discover the timeless energy of fossil stone tumblestones - your window to history and earthly power! Our carefully selected fossil stones, precision-tumbled for a smooth finish, not only reveal the intriguing textures of this ancient stone but also its earthly and powerful healing properties.