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Tuning Fork Set Cosmic Octave 11 pieces gold colour

These weighted tuning forks resonate to the orbit of each planet of our Solar System – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and also Moon and Sun.

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These weighted tuning forks resonate to the orbit of each planet of our Solar System – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and also Moon and Sun. The planets in the solar system impart significant impact on human lives. Planetary influences can also be seen in our day-to-day affairs. Cosmic rays coming on earth from planets are absorbed by our body and are converted into an electrical energy. This energy is then radiated in the form of our thinking and actions. Different people radiate different levels of electrical charges/vibrations, depending upon the extent of cosmic rays absorbed by them.

The frequencies of planets are derived from their diameter, circumference, rotational velocity, orbital period and many more factors. Each tuning fork is tuned in such a way that it corresponds to the frequency of each planet, Sun or Moon. Each fork can benefit us in multiple ways. The potential for healing is enormous, not only for human beings, but for all life forms.

Good to know: All of the Chakra Set forks, except for the Heart and Crown chakras, are in this set. So, by adding the Heart & Crown chakra forks from the Chakra Set, you will have both a Planetary Set and a Chakra Set!

The 11 Tuning forks are based on: 
Sun - 126.22 Hz (Also for Solar Plexus/Manipura) - Yellow -Green - Leo & 5th house: promotes generosity, opens the heart, stimulates creativity, promotes radiance from within, enhances self-awareness and self-expression, promotes self-confidence, understanding of self-will and assists in finding one's purpose. Meditation carried out to this tone will lead to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time, knowledge and wisdom.
Moon - 210.42 (also Sacral/Svadhisthana) – Orange - Cancer & 4th house: stimulates sexual energy, supports erotic communication, for woman it is good for regulationg menstruation; in general, disturbances of gland and lymph system, promotes appreciation of home & family, opens experiencing nature, discovery of deeper unconscious aspects of oneself, enhances intuition.
Mercury - 141.27 Hz (also for Throat/Vishuddha) - Blue-Green - Gemini & 3rd house: helps the speech center and the communicative-intellectual principle, facilitates teaching, opens receptivity to receiving & understanding messages, opens one to knowledge and clear thoughts.
Venus - 221.23 Hz (also for Third Eye/Ajna) – Pink/Light Green - Libra & 2nd & 7th houses: Holding a tuning fork with the tone of Venus on the third Eye lets in a great flow of love energy and promotes inner harmony, promotes aesthetics and appreciation of beauty, puts one in touch with Goddess energy and sensuality, restores balance, enhances one-to-one relationships, discovery of feminine attributes.
Earth - 194.18 Hz (also Root/Muladhara) - Orange-Red – center of zodiac: brings you in harmony with nature and yourself. A very effective point (corresponding to the first chakra) is the coccyx. The lowest point of the spine is the beginning point of the kundalini. The stimulation of this point gives power to the kundalini. The whole body will be energised and you feel more awake and alive, stronger and more energetic. It is advisable to use this in the morning, helps to put us in right relationship with Earth. Very powerful to tone on Earth acupuncture points.
Mars - 144.72, Blue - Aries & 1st house: supports strength of will and focused energy, stimulates new ideas, promotes self-expression, encourages new beginnings, creates vitality and vigour, encourages forward movement and self-assertion, discovery of male attributes.
Jupiter - 183.58, Red - Sagittarius & 9th house: helps in creative power and continuous construction, welcoming higher energies to come in, encourages travel & discovery, promotes optimism and encourages morals and ethics.
Saturn - 147.85, Blue - Capricorn & 10th house: it supports the ability for concentration, the general process of gaining consciousness, and shows very clearly karmic connections. It brings structure and order. encourages re-assessment and self-discipline, deeper connection with crystals & gems, brings spirit into form, encourages structure, promotes commitment.
Uranus - 207.36, Orange - Aquarius & 11th house: supports the power of surprise and renewal, has primeval and erotic powers. Stimulates self-discovery and self-expression, supports the process of individuation, promotes detachment and a more universal perspective.
Neptune - 211.44, Orange - Pisces & 12th house: deepens our understanding of mysticism, assists in getting in touch with past lives, promotes dreams, imagination and intuition, deepens meditation, encourages transcendence, enhances the dream experience.
Pluto - 140.25, Blue-Green - Scorpio & 8th house: responsible for integration into certain structures of society, supports transformation and transmutation, assists in finding one's authentic power.

Anodised aluminium
Anodised aluminium has a protective oxide coating by an electric process whereby the metal forms the gold anode. Since the anodising process is a reinforcement of a naturally occurring oxide process, it is non-hazardous and produces no harmful or dangerous by-products. Anodised products have an extremely long life span and offer significant economic advantages through maintenance and operating savings. Anodising is a reacted finish that is integrated with the underlying aluminium for total bonding and unmatched adhesion.

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