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Vanadenite, Barite, No. 009

Vanadenite with Barite from Morocco. approx. 18 cm.

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Vanadenite with Barite from Morocco. approx. 18 cm.

Barite promotes vitality and is good for temperature changes, strengthens autonomy, emotionally beneficial for platonic friendships. Fears are released with the help of Bariet. Barite promotes vitality. Helps with chronic fatigue, balances the brain.

Vanadenite promotes concentration, focus, clear thinking and makes you goal-oriented. He stimulates the brain centers, your creativity and sexuality. Vanadenite promotes hormone production and gives you a sense of victory, confidence, determination, willpower, vitality, and stamina. The stone gives you a homely feeling and makes you feel at ease and helps you with acceptance.

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