Witches broom Triquetra green 2 pieces
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Witches broom Triquetra green 2 pieces

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Buy Witches broom Triquetra green 2 pieces

Clear the cobwebs of the mundane and usher in the extraordinary with this time-honoured housekeeping implement. Few items are so uniquely representative of a rich and folkloric history as the traditional witches broom. Crafted with care from natural broom grass (thysanolaena latifolia), this pint-sized hand whisk broom is an essential addition to any hedge witch’s altar.

With green aventurine and white metal Triquetra.

Brooms in folklore
Witches and brooms have quite the history. From medieval superstition and mysterious flying ointments, to the modern day household altar, kept clean by the intentful whisk of a broom.
A few traditional beliefs about brooms for your consideration:

Bring positive energy into your new home by sweeping something symbolic inside before removing any dirt. This ritual is believed to usher in good luck and prosperity. If you find yourself in the situation of relocating with your old broom, simply place it inside through a window to bypass any potential negative effects.

Borrowing a broom can be seen as a gesture of kindness, but to ensure good fortune, it's best to do so discreetly and return it unnoticed.

Avoid sweeping after sunset, as it is believed to disrupt the tranquillity of spirits. Additionally, sweeping after dark may inadvertently disturb cherished relationships.

In keeping with auspicious traditions, refrain from sweeping dirt out of an open door, as it is associated with unfortunate outcomes. Instead, respectfully gather the debris and carry it outside, maintaining harmony and positivity within your home.

Product specifications : Witches broom Triquetra green 2 pieces

Material : Broom grass
Dimensions : 20x10 cm
Country of origin : India

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